Two publishers choose games from two winning teams at the first edition of Bologna Game Farm

Bologna, November 13th, 2023Bologna Game Farm is pleased to announce that two of the 4 winning teams from the first edition, Orbital Games and Green Flamingo, recently signed publishing agreements for their respective games, Basket Party and Spanky’s Battle Swing.

Rosa Grimaldi, the Mayor’s delegate for Cultural and Creative Industries, said, “We are happy with this result that rewards Bologna Game Farm and the entire acceleration program. We are committed during and after the path to give visibility, through fairs and industry events, to the participants and their products. These agreements seal the quality of the projects, the passion and expertise of the participants and make us proud of the work done

Ivan Venturi, coordinator of Bologna Game Farm’s acceleration path, commented, “We are proud of these first important results, which are the result of the work of the teams and of Bologna Game Farm, which continues to follow the selected projects in their growth even once the acceleration program is over, creating opportunities to meet with industry professionals at fairs, conferences, and events. It was during 2 of these events that the meetings that led to these first great results took place… we can only be proud!

Orbital Games is a team of young engineers from Modena composed by Andrea Fontana, Art Director and Tech Artist, Alberto Pietrangelo, Product Manager, and Mario Baroni, Technical Director, who share the ambitious goal of making video games that unite people from all over the world. Vertical technical skills, multidisciplinarity and great team cohesion are the strengths brought to bear in the creation of “Basket Party“, a multiplayer mobile video game that blends action, sports and fun in frantic 3v3 games.

The only ones to have proposed a mobile video game, the guys at Orbital Games have also created a line of orientation activities, BGF@Mobile, to support development groups dedicated to mobile gaming, which by its very nature has very different modes of production, monetization and market access from those of the PC and CONSOLE markets.

Alberto Pietrangelo, Product Manager at Orbital Games explains that “During an international event we attended with our tutors from Bologna Game Farm – the GDC in San Francisco – we had the opportunity to get in touch with several publishers, who showed interest in our free-to-play mobile game ‘Basket Party’. One of them in particular strongly believed in the project and we are currently in the soft launch phase in several countries: Brazil, the United States, Poland, Germany, Turkey and India, with as many as 10 people supporting marketing, communication, production, etc“.

Matteo Mezzetti, Producer and Founder of Green Flamingo also tells how the opportunity came about precisely at an industry trade show: “Our meeting with the publisher who then decided to sign the agreement with Green Flamingo for ‘Spanky’s Battle Swing’ took place at Gamescom in Cologne, where we attended accompanied by our tutors from Bologna Game Farm. After a few months of waiting we received official feedback in May this year, and since June we have been in production. I think it is essential to be present at national and international events and fairs, both to get in touch with industry professionals and to have a direct confrontation with the working world“.

Green Flamingo is a cooperative software and video game development startup consisting of Matteo Mezzetti, Producer and founder of the company, and other key figures who, together, created “Spanky’s Battle Swing“, a fun and original 3D musical platformer inspired by American animation of the 1930s/40s.

Also part of the team are: Valerio Bellia 3D Artist, Massimo Bignamini Level Designer, Pietro Chioni Animator, Flavia Kaiser 3D Artist, Angelo La Farina Animator, Salvatore Palermo Musician and Composer, Lorenzo Viglietti Programmer.