2023 Edition

The winners of Bologna Game Farm 2023 are:

BitNine Studio

tERRORbane VIRAL is a Bullet Hell video game with a strong meta-narrative component, where Bugs and Glitches become weapons to be used in combat. With Low Poly 3D graphics, it puts the player in the shoes of a hapless man whose computer has been invaded by amusing computer viruses. Control of the system must be regained, but a series of strange events will reveal that the stakes are far higher than expected...


KAI is an adventure video game with elements of strategy. Akira - the game's protagonist - takes part in a scientific mission into deep space to study and collect cosmic energy. However, she soon realises that the reality she believes she's in is but an illusion. Actually, she's not on a spaceship that navigates through space but is imprisoned in an underwater facility located in the Earth's ocean. Who exactly wants to deceive her and why? Akira will set off to explore what is actually a new world. It will be a journey of knowledge and overcoming one's fears through the rediscovery of buried memories. A journey to rediscover one's inner self.
Block Number 5

Mad Squares

A sandbox RPG title about the world of street art with exploration and stealth dynamics. Set in the dystopian streets of Pyramid, a grey cyberpunk city in which the player will establish himself by colouring it with his own art. Thanks to the graffiti editor, the player can create custom works and paint literally anywhere he wishes to do so, thus shaping the world's reactions to his art, which will consecrate him either as a Vandal or Artist.
Sliding Hero

Silent Chicken

Sliding Hero is a sokoban-inspired puzzle game with a metroidvania structure, starring Luca Sicomoro, a soldier of the Serenissima who is stuck in a mysterious and hostile 18th century villa. Luca's escape from this place will be put to the test by the villa's inhabitants, a cast of strange and ambiguous characters inspired by the Venetian Carnival and the Commedia dell'Arte.