2022 Edition

The winners of Bologna Game Farm 2022 are:


(Cesenatico – FC) with the FARAFTER project, a single-player open-world RPG with a turn-based combat system. The game, with its stylized pixel art graphics, focuses on the ability of the player to influence events in the game world using different choice trees and complex morality systems.
Monster Chef


(Bologna) with the MONSTER CHEF project, a roguelike hack and slash game with management components. The players take the role of Prinz, a novice of the Ordines Della Buona Forchetta (Order of the Good Fork), a prestigious organization of warrior chefs. The goal of the game is to help the character manage an inn and satisfy the (more or less) refined palates of the inhabitants of the world of Delizia, by creating plates which use fantasy monsters as ingredients.
The First Hand


(Cesenatico – FC) with the project THE FIRST HAND, a humorous roguelike deckbuilder which takes the player to the original world of Zirria where, after centuries of peace, something is changing. It is now up to the player to investigate – by exploring, creating their own little empire, increasing their power and defeating their enemies with rock paper scissors.


(Sant’Agata Feltria – RN) with the project RYOKO, a scrolling puzzle adventure game with platform sections. The protagonist is Ryoko, an apprentice light priestess able to use torii to reach a parallel reality of the spirit world.