2021 Edition

The winners of the 2021 edition of Bologna Game Farm.
Spanky's Bat-a-Swing

Green Flamingo

Green Flamingo is a small cooperative start-up involved in software and videogame development. It was founded by Matteo Mezzetti, Stefano Tumminello and Paolo Giudici in 2019 to be able to realize together the many ideas formulated during their shared experiences of studying and freelancing and to share skills in software development as a team. In 2020 Green Flamingo applied to the Incredibol open call with the virtual reality project Virtuoso, and in 2021 it began development of its first videogame "Spanky's Bat-a-Swing", a musical 3D platformer, which then became one of the winning projects of Bologna Game Farm 2022.
Basket Party

Orbital Games

Orbital Games is a team of young engineers from Modena with the goal of creating videogames which bring together people from all over the world. It boasts many years of experience in the development of scalable cloud platforms, mobile applications and VR/AR software for various industries and has already been able to present innovative projects at major international trade fairs. Vertical technical expertise, multidisciplinarity and the great cohesion of the team are the strengths brought into play for the creation of Basket Party.


The Italian word "Magari" ("if only" or "maybe") is very versatile, and this small studio from the Parma area chose it as their name to perfectly represent the innovative projects they wish to create, ranging from virtual production to videogames, taking in VR and AR experiences. They do so using real-time engines thanks to the high-level expertise of these young developers, motivated by a common passion for the most advanced interactive digital technologies and the desire to continue experimenting.
War of Wheels

DreamBits Studio

DreamBits Studio is a team of professionals, artists and developers who have been working in the videogames field for some time in partnership with other companies of the gaming industry. It was founded in 2021 with the goal of developing apps for VR headsets and moving forward with its own game. It is currently working on "War of Wheels", one of the projects selected by Bologna Game Farm, a frenetic multiplayer combat game featuring realistic cars in a "medievalpunk" atmosphere.