Five podcasts to explore the universe of videogames

With the TRY AGAIN! review, born from the collaboration between Bologna Game Farm and Neu Radio, through five podcasts we will take a journey into the wonderful and complex world of video games. Together with many guests, we will try to understand its history, creative process, music and much more.

Web live-streaming on 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 16th: Introduction to the video game industry and BGF (Ivan Venturi – BGF accelerator path coordinator, Sara De Martini – BGF project manager, Luca Appio – Dreambits Studio)
Thursday, March 30th: How to run a video game production company (Trinity Team).
Thursday, April 13th: The process of creating a video game (Andrea Basilio (Milestone), Lara Oliveti (Melazeta)
Thursday, April 27th: Music in video games, effects, sound design, soundtracks (Michele Postpischl of Mushroom Sound, Marianna Murgia of TriBit Studio)
Thursday, May 11th: Connecting from the Art-ER Greenhouses with Bologna Game Farm.